The 2017 BMW X3: A Brief Guide


The BMW nameplate is known for its greatness and for the loyalty of its followers. In the past few years, BMW has changed from a sporty luxury brand to one of the world's most dynamic automakers. In this guide, drivers can learn why they should buy a BMW in Greensboro.


Most BMW vehicles have a sport-inspired design, and the X3 is no exception. Its design is pure BMW; its wide body and aggressive stance designate it as such. The new X3 handles itself quite well, and it displays its athleticism quite elegantly.


Few automakers do luxury as well as BMW does. The new X3 is crafted of the highest quality materials, and its interior exudes a sporty feel. While the molded seats offer top comfort, the vehicle breaks ground in terms of flexibility. The seats can be moved forward and back to create more leg room, and the interior offers comfort and customizability.


Sports activity vehicles come with expectations, and the X3 doesn't disappoint. The vehicle's interior and exterior has a heavy sports influence, and the trend continues when drivers lift the hood. The newest X3 comes with 300hp and 300 lb. ft. of torque from a 3.0L turbo six-cylinder engine. It also has BMW's exclusive xDrive system, which ensures ultimate handling regardless of driving conditions.


BMW has long been a force in automotive technology because of its innovative approaches. This year's X3 interior is built for driving pleasure, as evidenced by its audio and internet connective functions. The Harman Kardon sound system ensures crystal-clear music, regardless of genre, and it's just one part of the overall driving experience.


We've already discussed how BMW innovates in the tech field, and that concept extends into the realm of driver and passenger safety. This model year's X3 is full of the automotive industry's most advanced passive and active safety features, and it provides an experience that can put any driver at ease. With features such as Emergency SOS and the BMW Heads-Up Display, it's easy to see why BMW is at the forefront as far as safety is concerned. Visit BMW of Greensboro to learn more or to take a test drive of the new X3.